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Claims Reporting Instructions

No matter how strong your risk management program, you will unfortunately encounter claims. Accidents do occur and prompt, complete reporting is the first step towards a successful outcome.  The more information you can provide when reporting a claim, the sooner an adjuster can respond.  When reporting a claim, here are several tips to assist you:

  • Report the claim immediately — don’t delay. If this is a serious injury / accident, please be sure to PHONE your claim directly.
  • Please do not web report, email or fax claims of this nature.
  • Collect as much information as possible regarding the loss, such as date and time, policy numbers, reporting location, parties involved, accident description, type of injury and estimated damages.
  • Submit all police reports, estimates, photos and any materials/receipts to the adjuster handling the claim.
  • Do not speak with third parties about the claim, do not discuss “fault.”
  • When in doubt, please use caution and submit all matters to your carrier.

Gallagher Bassett Services Inc.
Scott White
PO Box 2934
Clinton, IA 52733-2934
(P) 630.282.8532
(F) 630.932.4223

General Liability and Automobile
Gallagher Bassett Services Inc.
Karleigh Cherveny
Liability Claims Supervisor

Workers Compensation
Company Nurse Hotline
First Report of Injury Call 24/7
Registration for New Users to the Company Nurse Website
Login for Existing Users of the Company Nurse Website

School Board Legal Liability
Summit Risk / QBE Insurance Corporation
Richard Pevner
(P) 215.443.3596

Olivia Jolly
(P) 215.443.3513

Pollution Liability
Ironshore Environmental Claims CSO
28 Liberty Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10005
(P) 24-hour Claims Phone Number 888.292.0249
(F) 646.826.6601

Boiler & Machinery Claims
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Claim Service Center
600 Independence Parkway
P.O. Box 4700
Chesapeake, VA 23327-4700
(P) 800.252.4670
(F) 800.300.2538


Cyber Liability/Identity Theft
Phelps Dunbar
24-hour Claims Phone Number 833.229.1647

Student Accident
Zevitz Student Accident Insurance Services, Inc. - Neil Zevitz
P.O. Box 2415
Grapevine, TX 76099-2415
(866) 975-9468 (P) (Toll-Free)
(469) 417-1969 (F)

Gallagher Crisis Protect

What to do in a Crisis?
Crisis Consultants Services
Crisis Hotline
+1 833-325-1020

The number above is a dedicated crisis response hotline and should only be used for notification of an incident, situation or occurrence which has led to an insured event(s) and subsequent crisis. Callers will speak directly to or receive an immediate call back from the insurer's experienced crisis consultant(s). Following notification of an incident, situation or occurrence which may give rise to a crisis, the crisis consultant(s) will be available if necessary to be with the policyholder as soon as travel time permits.

In the event of an incident, situation or occurrence which may give rise to or constitute a crisis, then as part of the policy coverage and under a special arrangement with the insurer, the insurer will make available on a priority basis, specialist crisis consultant(s) nominated by the insurer to advise, inform and assist the policyholder.

It is understood and agreed that:

(a) the crisis consultant(s) have no authority on behalf of the insurer to make any admissions which may prejudice the insurer's rights or to deal with matters concerning policy coverage or the application of any facts and circumstances of any incident, situation or occurrence which has been notified and which may give rise to a crisis under the policy terms, conditions and exclusions; and

(b) the provision and/or the use of these services is not, is not intended to be and shall not be regarded as an admission of or an acceptance by the insurer of any liability to indemnify a policyholder under the policy and is without prejudice to all of our rights under
the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Once the consultant has provided assistance and loss(es) and/or claim(s) needs to be submitted under this policy then please contact the following:

Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Ltd
Claims Division
67 Lombard Street
+44(0) 207 204 8955


Request Boiler Inspection

The Chubb Group-Federal Insurance Company is the carrier for the CLIC Boiler & Machinery policy. If your district is due to have the boilers inspected, please have your Building and Grounds Director contact the Chubb Group directly and arrange for a mutually convenient appointment time. Please call Chubb at least 30 days prior to when you want your boiler inspected.

For your convenience, you should contact the following individual: 

W. Jason Burns
Inspection Requests and Inspection Services
312.961.6441 (M)

When calling Jason, just inform him that your district is a member of the Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative and he will have a local engineer contact you to schedule an appointment. If leaving a message, please leave him your name, phone number and your school district number.

If you are requiring a boiler inspection for a new school that was just built, or for new boilers in existing schools, the State of Illinois requires you to contact the State for an inspection. Please contact the State of Illinois, Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal:

Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal
1 035 Adlai Stevenson Drive
Springfield, IL 62703

Also, below is a link to download a list of frequently asked questions regarding the inspection and repair of boiler systems from the State's website. We found this information to be quite helpful in answering many of the questions we often get asked.

Download Boiler FAQ's ››