CLIC Program History

The CLIC Insurance Program began on August 1, 1983, with eight chartered members. The program was known as “The County of Lake Insurance Cooperative.” The Total Insurable Values for the eight member districts were close to $125,000,000.

The purpose of forming a cooperative purchasing group was to take advantage of the group’s size to purchase insurance at a reduced cost. The chartered members were jointly purchasing other services and felt that insurance could easily be done as well.

After having eight different sets of bylaws, legal counsel drafted numerous variations to the bylaws. The group finally compromised and settled on one set of bylaws. The first few board meetings allowed the Cooperative’s members to "amend" the bylaws to accommodate the realities of the Cooperative now that it was in operation.

From CLIC’s humble beginnings at Stevenson High School District’s administration building, or at the time it was known as “the trailer,” the Cooperative has had a number of milestones and has accomplished numerous goals. All have been a benefit to the school districts throughout Illinois.

CLIC is now represented in thirteen local counties. All Illinois public school districts are eligible to apply to the programs offered by CLIC. The program design is flexible.

Program Highlights:

Ownership – Each district is represented on CLIC full board

Savings – Over conventional programs

Security – Property/Casualty known maximum cost program

Stability – “A” rated carriers