Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative

| School Insurance Pool.
Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC) is a strong and stable member-driven insurance pool that utilizes risk sharing and excess insurance to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, school-specific Risk Management Program.
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CLIC provides package programs and other ancillary lines of coverage needed by a school district. Low district deductibles, high per-occurrence limits for all coverages, loss prevention services and efficient claims administration services.
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| Hear from our members.
"CLIC provides school districts throughout Illinois with unmatched, comprehensive insurance coverage and service, which allows administrators to focus on the reason we are in business—THE KIDS."

Ms. Angela Crotty

Chief School

Business Official

Midlothian School

District #143

"The AJG team from a service and knowledge standpoint is in valuable to our district. When I have a problem or need assistance , they handle it in a prompt and efficient manner and solve the problem. All the time."

Ms. Therese O'Neill


Assistant  Superintendent of Finance & Operations

Oak Park School

District #97

"CLIC allows school Districts to work together for the benefit of each member with enhanced insurance coverages and cost savings."

Mr. Mohsin Dada

Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer

North Shore School district #112

"Relying on the insurance professionals at CLIC allows me the time to focus my energies on educational matters for my district."

Mr. Mark  Michellini

Assistant Superintendent for Business

Stevenson High School

District #125